First-check investors in the future of learning & work

Raise your pre-seed round through the Transcend Fund, the most global first-check investor in the future of learning and work!

We invest at the earliest stages in founders within the Transcend Network community.

What we believe in

The future of learning and work is global
Education and work has always been hyperlocal, but this is changing: there is a new wave of startups in the space that are global by design, thus accessing a 10X larger market.
The future of education is being built today
Investing in the earliest stage of startups is the best way to build the future we want to see in education and work.
The future of investing is community-led
A deck or a pitch can never tell the full story of a founder. Meeting founders through our community and supporting them before they are ready to raise is our way of investing, and we believe it represents the next wave in startup investing.

How we invest

We invest in companies that go through Transcend Network, where we can get to know founders and support them before investing.
Early-stage founders (pre-seed)
Founders building globally across our global theses
Founders who are seeing signs of magic
Founders with a clear impact focus.

What they say about the Transcend Fund

“Just wanted to give a big shout out to my friends at Transcend, the best edtech incubator in the world”
John Danner
3x Founder, Leading edtech investor
"A great opportunity for early edtech founders!"
Julia Stiglitz
Investor and Founder, CoRise
Transcend Network is doing so many incredible things!
Dan Carroll
Co-Founder, Clever & Transcend Fund LP

Get involved

If you want to receive investment from the Transcend Fund, you can apply to our founder programs.
If you want to invest in Transcend Fund as an LP, co-invest with us or partner, get in touch!

Got a question about our Transcend Fund?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our fellows to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.
What type of companies does Transcend Fund invest in?
Transcend Fund invests in early-stage startups in the future of learning and work that we source through our founder programs
How many investments does Transcend Fund make in a year? How big are they?
We make between 10-15 investments per year. Right now, our checks are roughly $50-100k investments.
What countries does Transcend Fund invest in?
Transcend invests globally, but there will be some legal/compliance limitations that may get in the way, so we’ll be transparent if we find it’s impossible to invest in your country for whatever reason!
How does Transcend make investment decisions?
We collect data from founders through our founder programs, up to 25 check-ins and data points that inform our investment decisions. We look for founders with very fast learning cadences, experimental mindsets, and early signs of customer magic, who are building in impactful spaces in the future of learning and work.
What type of fund is Transcend?
We are a US-based 506(c) fund.