Find Product-Market Fit in the Future of Learning & Work

45 countries
165M raised
80+ NPS
The Transcend Fellowship is a selective 5-week program for early-stage founders building in education and the future of work!

You will run weekly experiments, receive fundraising support and build a global founder-investor network of your own in this space, all with the objective to find product-market fit.

Join the most global community of founders and access highly curated case studies + $200K worth of product credits.

Over 5-weeks learn how to

52 sessions/year
Adopt a weekly experimentation cadence
Experiments help you learn about your customer. You will level up with weekly experimentation and be more intentional toward finding PMF through case studies, templates, and live workshops.
$165M raised
Receive fundraising support
We will help you find the right funding model for your startup and connect you with real investors in the space along with personalized deck feedback and intros to those in our network!
+100 investors
Build a global founder-investor network
Our founders, operators & investors come from 45+ countries and you will get to connect with them in our network through lively facilitated sessions, Expert Round Tables, and weekly 1:1s!

This fellowship is for you if...

Have identified a customer pain point
Have live users with some traction
Are working full-time with a co-founder or a founding team
Have an idea you want to validate
Are pre-product & pre-revenue
Are looking to launch your startup to solve a problem in the space
You are in the right place

What experts say about Transcend

“Just wanted to give a big shout out to my friends at Transcend, the best edtech incubator in the world”
John Danner
3x Founder, Leading edtech investor
"A great opportunity for early edtech founders!"
Julia Stiglitz
Investor and Founder, CoRise
Transcend Network is doing so many incredible things!
Dan Carroll
Co-Founder, Clever & Transcend Fund LP

5 Modules in 5 Weeks

5 weeks
The Transcend Fellowship is a 5-week program for early-stage founders building the future of learning & work
Being a Founder
week 1
In week 1, you will be introduced to the other founders in your cohort and learn about the fellowship's objectives & modules. This will be a space for you to learn about what everyone is working on and introduce yourself as you share your work!

You will also be placed in one of our 8 thesis groups that will help you connect with peers & alumni in our community who are building in the same space as you. Learn more about Transcend's 8 Open Theses here!
Product-Market Fit
week 2
We begin the week by covering the fundamentals of product-market fit and sharing case studies of founders and their experiments to find PMF. You will learn about different frameworks and receive access to in-house tools that will help you identify where you stand in your current PMF journey.

You will also begin your journey with experimentation as you embark on learning more about your customers effectively. You will learn to structure & run lean experiments that are low-cost and provide you with clear insights about your customer's behavior.

Also, you will also hear us talk about 'Magic' a lot during this week.
Experiments to find PMF
week 3
This is the week you run your first experiments and track your observations! We dive deeper into B2B vs B2C experiments and how metrics play role in understanding the success or failure of a test.

The goal this week is to instill in founders that it's not just enough to run 1 or 2 experiments that may or may not deliver your desired results. To find PMF intentionally you must build a cadence/habit of running 'X' number of experiments every w!

You will learn about the different types of experiments you can run, adot the foundations of building a cadence, and receive access to our experiment tracker + case studies of founders in our network!

week 4
A core objective of this fellowship is to allow you to identify & activate the right funding model for your startup.

In our fundraising week, we explore all the different models that are available for founders including Venture Capital, Bootstrapping, Nonprofit, and Impact investment. You get to explore what the right 'Funding-Market Fit' is for you on first principles and activate the right strategy for your organization. This is also the week we initiate conversation around reviewing your deck and connecting with investors through warm intros.
Trancend Outro + Welcome to the Network
week 5
In week 5, you get to wrap up your fellowship experience with Transcend Outro: a facilitated discussion that will gather top founders, investors, and leading experts in the space to intimately discuss future trends in education and work and jam on present challenges your startup is facing.

We believe the best relationships are formed through connections rather than pitch competitions and hence outro is the space for you to truly build your global founder-investor network.

You will graduate into our global community and learn about how you can best leverage Transcend as you continue your journey towards intentionally finding PMF for your startup!

A week in the life of a fellow

Our schedule is designed to be flexible as we believe you have a clear understanding of your needs as a founder. Hence, you are free to join any of the sessions that meet your specific goals!
Content & Case study
Learn from our frameworks and real life case studies
1:1 Founder Intro
Connect 1:1 with founders in our network
Fellowship Session #1
90 mins
Live, engaging 90min sessions facilitated by the Transcend team
Expert Roundtable
60 mins
Learn from leading experts in the space about PMF, fundraising, experiments, GTM, and much more.
Fundraising Office Hours
60 mins
Ask for support in your fundraising journey, get feedback on your materials and get connected to investors.
Fellowship Session #2
90 mins
Live, engaging 90min sessions facilitated by the Transcend team
Office Hours
60 mins
Ask any question to the Transcend team and fellow founders
Fundraising Support
Get feedback on your materials and get connected to investors in the future of learning and work on a 1:1 basis
Engage with our 200+ strong founder community anytime to ask for support or brainstorm

Sessions with industry experts and leading Alumni!

fund lp
Samara Mejía
Fundraising Office Hours
Will Houghteling
Will Houghteling
Fund LP
Dan Carroll
Scaling K-12 products
Fund LP
Jessica Millstone
Funding for Female founders
Esteban Sosnik
Edtech Fundraising
Case Study
Caleb Hicks
Experimenting to PMF
Fund LP
Will Houghteling
Building in L&D

TF10 Fellowship + Lifetime access to the Network at $1890 USD

If accepted, you will enroll in the TF10 Transcend Fellowship + receive a lifetime membership to the Transcend Network. Check out our FAQs if you have any questions about the sessions or the cost of the program.

You can also learn more about our scholarships here: Transcend (TF10) Scholarships.
TF10 Fellowship + Lifetime Membership to Network
$1490 USD
TF11 Fellowship
July 3 - Aug 4
June 23
We also provide scholarships to promising founders. Learn more here: TF10 Scholarships

Got a question about our Transcend Fellowship?

If you want to learn more, ask questions, and meet the Transcend founders join us for our Info Sessions!
Can any startup join the Fellowship?
We exclusively work with startup founders that are in some way addressing how people learn or work and take a broad definition of edtech or the future of work.

We think about this space very broadly, and like working with projects that intersect with fintech, mental health, HR, or anything that gives you a unique angle!
What if I can't afford the cost of the Fellowship? Do you provide any scholarships?
We work hard to make the Transcend Fellowship inclusive and accessible for eligible founders around the world, and hence, offer limited scholarships and discounts based on stage and geography.

Read more about our Scholarships here and see if you are eligible any of them!
· For cash-strapped founders
Installments are available
· For Bootstrapped, Pre-revenue founders
Tuition: $1280
· For founders from middle-income countries
Tuition: $980
· For founders from low-income countries
Tuition: $190
· For founders building promising startups in the following 5 areas - Tuition: $890
What's the best stage to apply?
The fellowship caters to founder who have defined a problem they are solving, identified a customer persona, gotten a bit of validation or traction, and are in the process of finding a product-market fit.

When in doubt, apply – we review every single application and will reach out with personalized feedback.
Do you need to have a project to get selected?
Yes – the Fellowship is exclusively for founders working on an existing project.

However, if you don't have one yet and are looking to get started, you should check out the Exploration Bootcamp!
Will receive support towards fundraising?
A core part of our curriculum and community experience is to help you identify & activate the right funding model for your startup. You will dive deeper into fundraising in Week 4 of the fellowship and, as part of our community, receive access to our Bi-Weekly Fundraising Office Hours.

If you are actively looking raise funds, we also facilitate 1:1 connections with investors in our network. Once you graduate from the Fellowship you also become eligible to apply for funding from the Transcend Fund!
What days & times are the sessions held?
Live sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 AM PST (US West Coast) during the Fellowship. 8 AM is our default time for all events to accommodate all time zones!
Is the Transcend Fellowship an accelerator?
Not quite – unlike accelerators, we don't take equity in exchange for participating. We think this helps you have flexibility as a founder while operating at such an early stage.
Do I have to attend every session in the week? What is the time commitment for the fellowship per week?
The fellowship is designed to be flexible. We understand that as founders you know what your focus needs to be. Hence, once selected you will receive the schedule for all 5 weeks and you can choose which sessions you want to attend, depending on what is a priority for you.

We host 2 fellowship sessions in the week (Tuesday & Thursday) along with Office hours, optional events, and an active Slack community. On average, you can expect anywhere between 3-5 hours per week during the 5 weeks of the Fellowship.

After the fellowship, it's a totally optional commitment, but we maintain the active community and weekly programming for all founders.
Can my co-founder join the fellowship with me?
We accept founders individually, not teams. If you have multiple co-founders who are interested, you should decide who will make the most of the program.

You can also apply together and decide after the interview who will be best suited for the Fellowship.
When does this upcoming cohort start?
Applications to the TF10 Fellowship open on January 23! The Fellowship will run from February 27 - March 31.

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