The Transcend Fellowship is a selective program for early-stage founders building the future of learning and work.

Through the 6 weeks and lifetime Transcend Network membership, we help founders connect with the most global founder community in the space and access the resources to find product market fit.

We have worked with 150 founders from 35 countries, who've gone on to raise over $150M in funding.

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The most supportive and global founder community in the space

Lifetime access to our global founder community
A safe space to open up about your founder journey
Weekly intimate gatherings with experts
Access to a network of operators and industry leaders

The resources you'll need to find product-market fit

Learn from our experienced operating advisors
Exclusive research and content in the space
Access to a leading investor network
$200k in free product credits
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$200k in product partner credits
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Meet the Fellows

Meet the Fellows

Hear it from our Fellows!

I love the Transcend Fellowship simply because at the heart of it, is the people coming together with a common mission to help each other envision and build a better future of learning and work.

Howie Chang
Howie Chang
Forward School

Transcend is the go-to place to connect with EdTech / Future of Work / Workforce entrepreneurs across the world. If you're a builder in this space and you're looking for community, insights, support, and a ton of incredible serendipitous moments, look no further.

Ryan Seeras
Ryan Seeras

I finally found my people! I feel like i now have a community I can lean on and feel safe reaching out to if I need it. Plus I learned some pretty key things about myself as a founder in the process. Transformational!

Zainab Ebrahimi
Zainab Ebrahimi

Transcend recruits exceptional founders and curates a thoughtful community & learning experience to push founders forward no matter what stage they're at. Highly recommend you get on this train! 🔥

Jackie Neumann
Jackie Neumann

Being part of the Transcend has leveled up my founder journey. In a short time, I've built authentic relationships with innovators rethinking how we learn and work across the globe. The fellowship was amazing.

Ope Bukola
Ope Bukola
Kibo School
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Transcend Fellowship #08

We are looking for high-integrity founders to learn from and support our community. We select a small cohort of founders that connect with our thesis and community principles.

Here's what the 6-week Fellowship experience looks like:

Tuesdays 8-9:30 AM PST
Product Market Fit Focus

Facilitated sessions to build a culture of experimentation toward product market fit. Connect with an intimate group of fellows and learn from each other's journeys.

Thursdays 8-9:30 AM PST
Positioning Focus

Tactical workshops around developing company storytelling for your intended audiences: recruiting new hires, selling to ideal customers, and pitching to investors.

Tuesday, July 12th 8 AM PST

Final event gathering leading investors and leaders to explore our global theses.

Lifetime access
Founder Community

Access our supportive and global community – through Slack and continous masterminds programs!

Lifetime access
Expert Roundtables

Weekly sessions led by top founders, investors and operators in the future of learning and work

Lifetime access
Transcend Toolkit

All the research and company-building insights from our experience in the space, in one place.

Past Fellowship Speakers
Allison Baum

Future of Work Fundraising

Ann Bordetsky

Business Development 101

Bhaumik Patel

Consumer Growth

Kapeesh Saraf

Product Development

Julia Stiglitz

Pre-seed Fundraising

Gale Wilkinson

Raising a VC round

Esteban Sosnik
Reach Capital

Edtech Fundraising

John Danner
Dunce Capital

Product-Market Fit

Neil Allison

Strategy for Founders

Samara Mejía

Fundraising Office Hours

Will Houghteling


Will Morris

K12 Sales and Growth

May 20
June 7 - July 14

TF8 Fellowship
+ Lifetime access

If accepted, you will enroll in the TF8 Transcend Fellowship + receive a lifetime membership to the Transcend Network (weekly events, $200k in perks and exclusive community).
We offer Access Scholarships (Tuition: $890) for bootstrapped founders, and Global Scholarships (Tuition: $190) for founders from low-income countries. We also offer Emerging Theme Scholarships (Tuition: $890) we will be revealing soon. Find out more in the application!
You can split your tuition in 3 payments over 12 months, if needed.
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Join our info sessions

Learn more about the Fellowship before applying, directly from our fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any startup join the Fellowship?

We exclusively work with startup founders that are in some way addressing how people learn or work, and take a broad definition of edtech or future of work startups.

We think about this space very broadly, and like working with projects that intersect with fintech, mental health, HR, or anything that gives you a unique angle!

What's the best stage to apply?

The best stage is after you've defined an idea, gotten a bit of validation or traction, and before finding product-market fit.

When in doubt, apply – we review every single application and will reach out with personalized feedback.

Do you need to have a project to get selected? 

Yes – the Fellowship is exclusively for founders working on an existing project. If you don't yet have an idea and want some support, you should check out the Exploration Lab!

What if I can't afford the cost of the Fellowship?

Apply and let us know what works for you.

We provide scholarships and discounts based on stage and geography, and are committed to enrolling all founders who get accepted.

What times are the sessions? 

Sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday at 8 AM PST (US West Coast) during the Fellowship.

8 AM is our default time for all events to accommodate all timezones!

Is the an accelerator?

Not quite – unlike accelerators, we don't take equity in exchange for participating.

We think this helps you have flexibility as a founder while operating at such an early stage.

What is the time commitment for the fellowship per week?

You can expect ~3-5 hours per week during the 5 weeks of the Fellowship – we have two sessions each week, an active Slack community and optional events and programming. After the fellowship, it's a totally optional commitment, but we maintain the active community and weekly programming for all founders.

Should I apply individually or with my co-founder?

We accept founders individually, not teams. If you have multiple co-founders who are interested, you should decide who will make the most of out the program. You can also apply together and decide after the interview who will be best suited for the Fellowship.

When will the next Fellowship cohort run? 

Applications to the TF8 Fellowship are open until May 20! The Fellowship will run from June 7 - July 14! 

To stay updated on our Fellowships, subscribe to the Transcend Newsletter, follow us on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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