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The way we work is changing shape quickly, yet our learning structures have not caught up with these changes.

Fortunately, more founders around the world are bridging this gap than ever before.

Join us as we explore, analyze and invest in the future of learning and work as a founder, reader, investor or student!

We support founders building the future of learning and work around the world through our remote Transcend Fellowship.
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The Transcend Fellowship is a remote fellowship for early-stage founders around the world building the future of learning and work.

Founders in each cohort become part of our global community, and will be plugged into the Transcend Network with access to some of the sector’s top operators, founders and investors.

Fully remote and global
6-week remote program for founders from all over the world.
For early-stage founders
We've supported dozens of founders at the earliest stages, from idea to product-market fit.
Equity & cost free
A new model to support founders around the world, for $0.
We are focused on identifying great founders and connect them to our community.
Experienced operator network
A network of experienced operators, founders and investors built over the last decade and committed to your success.
Redefining learning & work
We are theses-driven and believe there's never been more innovation around how humans learn and work.


We support founders' startups operationally and through angel investments when they are ready to grow and scale.

These startups have gone on to raise capital from some of the world's top VC funds like Founders Fund, Upfront and Reach Capital.

London, UK

San Francisco, US


Palo Alto, US

Nova Semita
Goa, India

Nativ Learning
Karachi, Pakistan

Pacifica, US


Alberto Arenaza
Co-founder. Former Inaugural Class at Minerva Schools, EH Global Capital, Dalberg Advisors and T-Hub India.
"I want to connect the amazing founders and ecosystems I met through my time with Minerva Schools, and scale the support we can give them through our community, resources and capital"
Michael Narea
Co-founder. Former Director of EdTech Innovation at GSVlabs, Brightstar Technologies; led operations in 10 early stage ventures and advised 200+ learning ventures.
"Founders are creative beings that lean into ambiguity at times when others run for the hills. I'm looking forward to supporting founders to allow them to thrive as their journey into uncertainty deepens"

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