We started Transcend Network in 2019 to address a problem we saw in our work: with the world of learning and work changing shape quickly, and founders are now empowered to start projects and take the lead on this transformation, anywhere in the world. However, the systems that are meant to support them in this journey aren't doing enough.

We have been failing the next generation of founders that will build the future of learning and work, so we designed a new approach that fits our principles and theses.

Ecosystem approach
We are focused on founders as our main persona rather than startups, and support them while it's "way too early".
Global lens
We support founders of all backgrounds and nationalities, in our effort to address the existing selection bias in the sector.
Redefining learning & work
We are theses-driven and believe there's never been more innovation around how humans learn and work.

Open Theses

Below you will find our theses for the future of learning and work, which we update weekly and have open-sourced to be able to learn in the open (and all on Notion!).

Learning through Communities
Hiring Goes Global
Learning at Work
University, Redefined
The Future of Work, Remote
New Vocational Schools
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