Find the first users for your startup through experiments

60+ alumni
10 case studies
Just getting started in your startup journey? We’ll help you identify clear customer problems, validate your startup idea and get your first users through the Product-Market-Fit (PMF) Playbook, inspired by leading founder and investor John Danner and adopted by 150+ startups globally. Learn from case studies of Pre Seed to Series A startups built within the Transcend Network!

What you will learn in the Bootcamp

+150 startups
Establish your Customer Persona
To solve problems in the market you must first identify who it is you are building solutions for. Build your customer persona to identify your users and begin addressing the problems they face.
+ 10 solutions
Get your first users
As an early-stage founder, your primary goal should be to identify PMF opportunities when building your startup. During the Bootcamp, we will use John Danner's PMF scorecard to guide you during your transition from idea to execution stage.
+90% success
Run weekly experiments
Run weekly experiments with other founders in the space to gain customer validation, learning from our case studies and using proprietary tools to gain an experimentation cadence.

This Bootcamp is for you if …

You have recently started exploring a startup idea
You don’t yet have clear traction or product-market fit
You are still validating a customer and pain point to solve
You have live users with traction
Have Product-Market Fit
Have built an experimentation cadence already
You are in the right place

Meet your instructors

John Danner
Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

John founded and exited his startup NetGravity for $750M exit – since then, he's built and invested in ground-breaking startups in the future of learning and work, like Maven, Outschool, Synthesis School or Stoa.

John is the author of the PMF Playbook, a guide for founders to find product-market fit that is the foundation of this program. John will be the Mentor for this Bootcamp, inspiring our curriculum and sharing his insights in three live sessions.

Dafni Chontou, Tanya Sharma
Co-founders, Wonderpath

Dafni and Tanya are the founding duo of Wonderpath, a startup reimagining feedback and personal growth for the future of work.

They have run infinite experiments to solve market problems and have lived through the pre-PMF founder life helping founders & high-growth startups go Zero-to-One.

Alberto Arenaza
Co-founder, Transcend Network

Alberto is a co-founder of Transcend Network and an investor through the Transcend Fund.

He has supported hundreds of early-stage founders through the Transcend Fellowship and is also the author of one of the largest Substack publications about EdTech.

Michael Narea
Co-founder, Transcend Network

Michael Narea, cofounder of Transcend Network and co-GP at Transcend Fund, has been working beside education and future of work founders at the earliest stages for 10 years.

He first worked with venture-backed founders at GSVlabs and Sunlight, then as a successful 3x bootstrapped co-founder of Moonshot Partners, FlightCX and Nareatech. He will serve as an accountability coach in the Exploration Bootcamp


Hear it from the founders

“The Exploration Bootcamp will help early-stage founders building the future of learning and work to build an experimentation cadence that will help them reach product-market fit.”
Sept 2022 Explorer
Elliot Rosenberg
“This is THE program for new founders to go from zero to 'I got this' by stepping into the most forward thinking community in the space.”
Sept 2021 Explorer
Serj Hunt
“Great place to start with your idea or brainstorming your idea to starting up”
Sept 2022 Explorer
Anonymous Founder

A week in the life of a founder

The Exploration Bootcamp is a 3-week program focused on helping you run weekly experiments to find customer validation for your startup and find your first users.
Find your Customer
week 1
Who are the customers you can serve through your startup in the future of learning and work? We’ll go deep into your experiences and aspirations, and guide you in exploring potential customers you can serve. Then, we’ll help you identify customer pain points you can help solve for them.
Your first experiment
week 2
Using John Danner’s product-market fit playbook and our experience supporting 200+ founders through Transcend, we’ll help you craft your first experiment, which will help you validate prototypes that solve customer pain points before you actually build the product.
Building an experimentation cadence
week 3
We’ll help you go from 1 experiment to 5 per week, which will give you the cadence you need to move fast in validating your startup idea.

A week in the life

Weekly content
Review all the frameworks for the week and videos built by the Transcend team
1:1 intros
1 hour
Meet other explorers in the community through 1:1 intros
Explorer Lab
90 mins
Live session where we will facilitate activities to understand the concepts and translate them into action
Case Study Discussion
Learn from real life founder case studies and the experiments they ran
Office Hours
60 mins
Chat with the Transcend Team and answer any questions you may have
Explorer Snapshot
Tell the Transcend team what’s on your mind and how we can support you

Sessions with industry experts and leading Alumni!

fund lp
Samara Mejía
Fundraising Office Hours
Will Houghteling
Will Houghteling
John Danner
Founder & Investor
Case study
Ignacio Brea
CEO, Gero
Case study
Dafni & Tanya
Founders, Wonderpath

What experts say about Transcend Bootcamp

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John Danner
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Author and Podcaster
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Udgan Muller
Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster
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Federika Likken
Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Exploration Bootcamp EB2: $499

If accepted, you will enroll in the TF9 Transcend Fellowship + receive a lifetime membership to the Transcend Network (weekly events, $200k in perks and exclusive community).
Exploration Bootcamp
$499 USD
9.2/10 (50 ratings)
Nov 14 - Dec 16, 2022
Oct 23, 2022
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Got a question about our Exploration Bootcamp?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our fellows to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.
What is the Transcend Network?
The Transcend Network is the most global network of founders building the future of learning and work.You can learn more about us here.The Exploration Bootcamp is Transcend Network’s latest experience to support founders at the earliest stages of their journey, and we have more exciting projects coming up in the future!
What is the cost of applying to this bootcamp?
It is absolutely free to apply!
Once accepted, the cost of the 5-week program is $499.
We also provide partial financial aid to students coming from lower-income regions who have a demonstrated financial need.
Who is John Danner?
John Danner is a founder and investor who has helped hundreds of founders building in the future of learning & work including startups like Maven, Outschool, Epic!, Synthesis Learning, etc.
He joins the exploration bootcamp as a faculty mentor bringing decades of experience building and investing in this space.You can learn more about him here.
Is 5 weeks enough time to launch my project?
We understand that each founder's situation is different.Depending on the problem you choose to work towards and the state of the market, the timeline for when you launch can be affected.
Our goal is to give you all the tools and resources that will help you launch whenever you feel best!
Am I the right fit for this program?
You probably are.If you want to ask us directly, join us for our upcoming info session on validating your startup.
Click here to sign up
We are hosting weekly webinars through on Thursdays, August 11th & August 18th at 8 AM PST.
I have an idea for a startup but have not launched/registered it yet. Is that okay?
It is. We look for folks that are interested in starting a project in the next 12 months. As long as you are committed to exploring and validating ideas in the space, you’ll benefit from the program.
What is the expected weekly time commitment?
3 - 6 hours a week (90 min live session in a week)
I work a full-time job, will I be able to commit to this Bootcamp?
You will! We have thoughtfully designed this program to suit the needs of busy professionals. As long as you can commit to 1 live session a week and 3 - 6 hours of work, you should be comfortable with the pace of this Bootcamp.
Can I find a co-founder through this Bootcamp?
Yes you can!
Transcend Explorers are a diverse group of emerging founders who are all passionate about building in Edtech & FoW.
We can create situations for you to engage with peers in the cohort, but we know that finding a cofounder is an art more than a science.
What timezone will we follow?
The Transcend Network has run live programs for founders from all over the world. Weekly live sessions will be hosted at 8 AM Pacific Time (US West Coast).
11 am - EST
4 pm - GMT
8:30 pm - IST
11 pm - Singapore
All sessions will be recorded for viewing after.
I have other questions
Click here to schedule a 1:1 with the Transcend Network team.
You can also join us for a webinar for all explorers looking to validate their startup.
Click here to sign up
Dates: Aug 11 & Aug 18 at 8 pm PT (Thursdays)